How To Protect Yourself From Future Roof Leaks

When replacing or repairing the roof on your home, the most critical part of the project is choosing which roofing contractor to hire. Which materials, understanding the warranties, the process used, are all great things to know and understand before hiring, but by far the most important is WHO is working on your home. If […]

Even The Best Roof Can Fail If This Step Isn’t Taken

After going through our guide to the best roofing materials, you may just think you need to simply find a contractor and tell him what you want. But it’s not that simple. Like all products that matter, the workmanship matters just as much as the actual raw materials themselves. A roof is no different. Even […]

3 Things That Determine How Much It Costs To Replace a Roof

Getting your roof replaced is a big project. Not only is it expensive, but it’s critical to get right the first time. Hiring a contractor that does a shoddy job and doesn’t stand behind his work will get you into a mess down the road. When hiring you’re bound to get price estimates all over […]

What Does My Asphalt Shingle Roof Lifetime Warranty Cover?

If you just had a new roof installed or are looking to replace your current roof, one of the most important things to understand is the warranty that comes with your roof. There are many misconceptions about roof warranties and what they cover, I will debunk common myths and explain exactly what they do and […]