How To Make Sure Your Roof Tear Off Is Done The Right Way

If you’re getting your roof replaced you need to tear off the old one before installing your new roof. There are lots of reasons for this, you can find a few of the biggest ones by reading “Do I Need To Tear Off My Roof?” Assuming you’re going to hire a contractor to tear off your roof, […]

Do I Need To Tear Off My Roof Or Can I Roof Over It?

So you need to get your roof replaced. Can you just add a new roof on your existing roof? After all, it will save a few thousand bucks, does it do any harm? While Roof-overs (also called Lay-overs) can work in some cases, in other’s it’s a really bad idea. Reading the rest of this short […]

Spokane Valley Roofing Project – Tear Off & Re-roof

New Heights Roofing recently completed a tear off & re-roof in Spokane Valley just off Highway 27. The house had 1 layer of 3-tab shingles on it that were getting aged and ready to come off. The house was not leaking yet, so they caught it before it had gone too far.  After tearing off […]