Roofers In Spokane Valley – Spokane Valley Roofing Company

New Heights Roofing provides professional roofing in Spokane Valley to help you with all your roof top needs. We only use the highest quality roofing products available in Spokane Valley and install every roof with care. Spokane Valley Roofing Company Though we are based out of Post Falls, we do a large majority of our roofing […]

Gutter Covers Spokane Valley – Mastershield Gutter Guards

Gutter covers are a great solution for Spokane Valley residents that are tired of cleaning their gutters several times per year. If your home is surrounded by trees then there’s a good chance you’re at risk of clogged gutters and possible damage could ensue. If your gutters clog and fill up with water the weight […]

Spokane Valley Roofing Project – Tear Off & Re-roof

New Heights Roofing recently completed a tear off & re-roof in Spokane Valley just off Highway 27. The house had 1 layer of 3-tab shingles on it that were getting aged and ready to come off. The house was not leaking yet, so they caught it before it had gone too far.  After tearing off […]