Roof Tear-Off

The Question:
Do you need to tear off your existing roof?

The Answer:
It depends. =) Let me explain…

In short, tearing off your roof means removing all the existing shingle down to the roof decking and starting completely fresh. According to the International Building Code (2009), you must have your existing roof removed if you have 2 or more layers of any type of shingle installed. And in the case of having a layer of laminant or interlocking shingles on your roof, the size and shape of the shingles will usually result in an uneven and unsightly appearance.

If you do have just 1 layer of 3-tab, we do suggest that you tear them off which will give you the following benefits:

  • We can tear down to the roof decking to see if there was any leaks or damage to the decking that would compromise the new installation.
  • Most older roofs do not have the required Ice shield in place to prevent ice dams from making your home leak.
  • The uneven surface of the 3-tab roof will make the new shingles wear faster than a nice flat deck.
  • Performing a tear off will give your new roof a visibly better appearance than a lay-over.