What Potential Damage Can Roof Snow Cause?

As the snow piles up it compresses, getting heavier and potentially causing damage to your home. While residential home cave-ins don’t happen very often, the damage it can cause is catastrophic, not only to possessions but also to the resident’s inside. Other damage like cracks in your drywall occur much more frequently from the stress of the snow weight on your roof.

While not related to the weight, ice dams can also occur, which can potentially cause $1000’s worth of damage if water backs up under your shingles and into your home. Ice damming happens when the heat from your house melts the bottom layer of snow on your roof. As it runs down your roof and gets to the eaves of your house, it will start to refreeze (since there is no heat under the eaves). This process can build up a big dam of ice that will trap water and keep it on your roof, potentially getting under your shingles and into your house.

By clearing the snow from your roof you can prevent structural damage, drywall cracking, and ice dams so you can be confident that you won’t have to pay to repair areas of the interior of your home.

One of the most overlooked ways that snow will damage your home is the actual process of removing it! Scraping snow off your roof can damage the shingles and take years off of your roof’s life. Click here to learn the best way to remove it without damaging your roof.

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