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Reroof in Greenacres with Resawn Shake Landmark Pro

This roof had been replaced 20 years ago with a 40 year roof. The shingles were doing OK, but the problem was with the installation. The step flashing on the back on both sides wasn’t there, instead they just had a single piece of L-metal that ran up the whole wall that was about 1″ wide. As you can see from the picture below, that’s not even close to step-flashing, which is required. There was also a leak coming through near a pipe on the back side and a piece of compromised plywood that was causing problems. Unfortunately this 40 year roof only lasted 20 years (with leaks) because some shortcuts were taken by the previous installers.


As you can see it doesn’t look too bad from the ground.

Greenacres-Reroof-D Greenacres-Reroof-D2

Once we got down to the plywood the mistakes became noticeable and some sheets of plywood had to be replaced.


This picture shows the big mistake on the back side that was causing some problems. The silver piece is all they had for flashing. Anywhere the roof meets a wall step flashing must be used like the piece pictured there.

Greenacres-Reroof-A1 Greenacres-Reroof-A2

All finished up! They went with a CertainTeed Landmark PRO shingle in Resawn Shake. This is a 40-year roof that is going to last because it was installed right and the previous mistakes were fixed up.





Coeur d’Alene Roof Replacement In CertainTeed Moire Black

This roof was on it’s last legs, but thankfully hadn’t started leaking yet. There was some pretty heavy moss growing on it as well as a tree in the back that was severely overgrown, resulting in 3-5 inches of debris piled up on the roof underneath it.

CDA-Reroof-Moire-Black-Moss  CDA-Reroof-Moire-Black-Tree


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Certainteed Resawn Shake – 1 Layer Tear Off

This roof had an old layer of 3-tab on it that was blowing off and had moss growing on it (on the backside).


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Twin Lakes Roofing Project – Dry Rot Repair & Re-roof

This roofing project in Twin Lakes was an existing roof that just needed a portion repaired. The roof was about 18 years old and this particular section had not been vented at all. This led to extensive mold and dry rot in the affected area.

It’s hard to see in the small picture, but the roof was visibly sagging in places where the dry rot had almost completed deteriorated the OSB sheathing underneath. Not only that, but we also found a lot of red ant nests inside the attic space itself!

All of the old shingle and OSB was torn off and replaced with new. Vent holes were cut so they straddled the rafters as this area has cathedral ceilings. New Pabco Premier Weathered White was installed and weaved with the existing shingle to complete the job.

Several nearby shingles were also replaced as they were either damaged or not fastened properly and falling off the roof.

Coeur d’Alene Roofing Layover – Commercial Building

This commercial building had some bad wind damage to the shingles and badly needed replaced. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures before it was completed, but it had a single layer of 3-tab shingles. 3-tab roofing is very susceptible to wind damage and are known for blowing off during wind storms. This roof had been repaired many times previously with all different colors of shingles so it was definitely time for a new roof. 

The material installed is Pabco Premier Weathered White. It was installed right over the first layer of shingles using 1 3/4" nails. All new metal vents and pipe flashings were used and Trimline ridgevent was installed to vent the roof. 

Spokane Valley Roofing Project – Tear Off & Re-roof

New Heights Roofing recently completed a tear off & re-roof in Spokane Valley just off Highway 27. The house had 1 layer of 3-tab shingles on it that were getting aged and ready to come off. The house was not leaking yet, so they caught it before it had gone too far. 

After tearing off the roof on the upper section of the house, we found that a lot of the sheathing had dry rot and was too weak to re-use. We had to tear up all the sheathing on that section of the roof and replaced it with 7/16" OSB. The dry rot was likely caused by lack of attic ventilation and a poorly placed bathroom exhaust fan pipe.

We ended up cutting in over twice as many vents as there were originally, going from just 6 vents to 14 total. This will help keep the attic from building up moisture and prevent the growth of mold inside. 

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