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Spokane Roof Replacement – 4 Layer Tear Off, New Plywood, CertainTeed Landmark Granite Grey

With four layers of roofing that had to be torn off (1 layer of wood shake and 3 layers of asphalt shingles) and all new plywood (7/16″ OSB) since it was skip-sheeted underneath, this home was quite the project!” alt=”Fontenot” width=”800″ height=”318″ />
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Coeur D’Alene Roof Replacement – Single layer tear off, CertainTeed Landmark in Weather Wood

This house had some issues with moderate granule loss and blown off shingles and was nearing the end of its life. Some birds had also decided to peck away at the ridge cap, creating little holes that could allow water to seep in. The new shingles installed on the house were Landmark in Weather Wood color.

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Coeur D’ Alene Roof Replacement – Single Layer Tear Off, Chimney Reflash and Sheeting replacement, CertainTeed Landmark in Georgetown Grey

When this homeowner saw shingles coming off their roof, they contacted us to see what could be done. Unfortunately, this roof was past its life and desperately needed replacing. The tree in front of the home was hanging over and causing issues with debris. There was also an extensive moss problem and some rusting of metal.

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4 Layer Tear-Off, Resheet, Roof Replacement

This was a big project for being a smaller home.

4-layer-tearoff-reroof-B1 4-layer-tearoff-reroof-B2


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Roofing a Porch Add-On To An Existing Roof

This project wasn’t a full roof replacement. Instead we installed a roof onto a porch that was added on to the house. The original shingles were fairly new so it would have been a waste to replace the entire side. The porch roof was installed right over the top of the shingles, then we tore out what we needed to and blended the two roof surfaces together.

Porch-add-on-B1 Porch-add-on-B2

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Spokane Valley 2 Layer Tear Off Re-Roof – Resawn Shake

This home will be up for sale in the next year so they were debating on whether or not to do the roof. The shingles were cracking and beginning to show some signs of wear so a home inspector would probably make them adjust the price when they did go to sell it. They decided to go ahead and do it since the new roof would attract more buyers as well.

This project was a 2 layer tear off. When we got the 2 layers off it revealed some plywood that was de-laminating, meaning the layers were coming apart. The chimney had also been leaking for a long time due to a poorly done flashing job. We replaced all the damaged plywood then started the installation of the new roof.

Spokane-Reroof-Resawn-B3 Spokane-Reroof-Resawn-B2 Spokane-Reroof-Resawn-B1
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Spokane Re-Roof With Lots Of Water Damage

This project was supposed to be a simple 1-layer tear off and re-roof in the Spokane area.

SpokaneReroof-Before1 SpokaneReroof-Before2

After tearing off some of the first layer, we could tell it was going to be a bigger project. There was extensive water damage in several areas, namely the valleys on the front of the home (where it had leaked into the kitchen) and around the chimney.

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Athol Re-Roof Georgetown Gray Landmark PRO

This was another roof on the plains of Athol that was coming to the end of it’s life. The owners made a smart decision replacing it before any serious damage had occurred. We tore off a single layer of 3-tab and made a few changes to the roof. This home had square roof vents previously, and they decided to upgrade to a ridgevent, which doubled their ventilation. This will help keep their home cooler in the hot summer.

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Hayden Reroof Landmark PRO Burnt Sienna

The owner of this home wasn’t sure if it needed a new roof so he had me go check it out. The pipe flashings were cracked and falling apart, letting water into the attic whenever it rained.


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Athol Roof Replacement with Energy Star Silver Birch

This 3-tab roof on the plains of Athol had a lot of missing shingles and a gaping hole in the ridge cap. Thankfully we caught it early so there wasn’t huge issues with water in the attic. The owners decided to go with the Energy Star color Silver Birch that keeps the roof surface cooler than other darker colors. They also went with a ridgevent which doubled their ventilation and removes the need for metal roof vents.

Athol-Reroof-Silver-Birch-B Athol-Reroof-Silver-Birch-A