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What Makes New Heights Roofing Different Than Other Companies?

We've spent the last few years developing a proven roof-replacement process that ensures we deliver the highest quality roof - every time. From protecting your home and property during the tear off, to installing our leak-proof roofing system, to properly ventilating your attic, we are committed to quality every step of the way.

That's why we cover every roof with a Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee.


We specialize in residential roof replacement & repairs. If you own a home that needs a new roof or just a repair, we can do it. Whether it's a straight-forward 1 layer tear off & install or a more complex multi-layer removal with new plywood sheeting, we've got you covered.

We currently replace 85-100 roofs per year. To see some of our past projects, check out our portfolio.

Roofing 101

Easy To Understand Roofing Education For Homeowners Who Care

We've dedicated our business to educating homeowners about what we do. 

There's a lot of bad and irrelevant information about re-roofing on the internet, we made Roofing 101 so you can learn the truth about roofing in the Northwest in an easy-to-understand format - without endless searching on Google and sifting through conflicting information.

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